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25 November 1984
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... am i ready?
1984, adventures, ale, bad jokes, bat for lashes, beastie boys, beirut, bill and ted, biological wastewater remediation, björk, blackalicious, boarding, booze, cape cod, change, cigarettes, cirkestra, cloud structure, community, courtney pine, cowboys, curiosity, dan the automator, danger, denim, devo, dirt, dr. octagon, ecological design, ecovillages, edinburgh, ee, emily kill, etta james, evolution, exploration, fire, folk-punk, freckles, fresh air, gangster rap, gaudy jewelry, gil scott-heron, glaciers, godfathers, good questions, habitats, hammerhead sharks, handsome boy modeling school, hardcore, harper's, hawk and a hacksaw, hip hop, hot chip, iceland, inquiry, intense dialogue, invention, jazzyfatnastees, jill scott, living systems, lovage, love letters, magnificence, mike patton, mirrors, miscreants, mitch hedberg, mohawks, moonraker, mother jones, moving images, mr. scruff, my mother, mysteries, nouvelle vague, prudence island, punk rock, quannum projects, raging, raising hell, reaking havoc, rebellion, redheads, refused, revenge, ribaldry, robots, rocks & minerals, rodeos, sade, sage francis, salvation army, scotch malt whisky, scotland, sea jellies, shredding, spontaneous combustion, starry nights, stereolab, subways, sufjan stevens, sun rise, the 80's, the art of cooking, the beachcomber, the clash, the cure, the exploited, the happy medium, the misfits, the nation, the sounds, the warren commission, thunder storms, tomahawk, umbrellas, vino, vivienne westwood, volcanoes, wachusett ales, wayne's world, winter

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