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what this girl has been up to.

The horror! 'Bogus banter' could accurately describe the endless nonsense I used to write in this journal. Out of sheer whim resulting from rock-bottom boredom, I perused the vaults of bad poetry and hormonal dispatches. It's all so vague, and saturated with a disturbing level of narcissism. Couldn't figure for the life of me who any of the boyfriends I was always gushing about were either.

Photos of Harrison Park. I live here.

Currently, I am in the final stages of completing my degree in Marine & Freshwater Biology in Edinburgh. Upon completion I am hopping the next direct flight to the USA. I will then hug my family and proceed to drink lots and lots of beer.

Until then, I'm holding up well working for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society which is fairly sweet time. Between scientific sessions and whisky tasting I skip down to the city farm where I volunteer with kids, domesticated animals, fruits and vegetables.

Life is good in a city where you can always drink lots and lots of beer.

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