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Love Letters

Dear Lover (better known as the ostentacious opening statement)

You are the reason I lack so many entries, you know. My obsession with you hath driven me mad. Starting sentences with chicken feed like "I" "It" and "The" is so Mickey Mouse that I am rendered sans desire to produce even useless entries. I hate you. And I hope you get hit by a literary bus.

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Ali, you need to go to spain and find a city to be your muse....
ill have to settle for edinburgh for the time being.
I know you'll be okay when you find your way... I don't ever really worry about you too much.
Your faith in me is my gasoline, which is priced too high for unveritable reasons.

A little bird peeped to me that I may be in the south of Spain for a few daysnext spring. This was a very wealthy and well traveled bird that will most likely have to fund my excursion as well.